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Since 2015, the National Silicone brand has been committed to supplying the highest performing silicone sponge sheet products you can get.

Our National Silicone brand offers several grades of silicone sponge sheet. Each grade comes with its own set of unique characteristics specifically designed for high performance. The heat resistant silicone sponge we offer is closed cell which means the cells are non-interconnecting. The complete enclosure of each cell means our sponge sheets are ideal for applications where mechanical properties (elasticity, tensile strength, elongation, hardness and fatigue limit) are important.

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Products Available
‣ Soft Density (3-8 psi)
‣ Medium Density (6-14 psi)
‣ Medium Density UL 94 HB (6-14 psi)
‣ Medium Density UL 94 V-0 (6-14 psi)
‣ Firm Density (12-20 psi)
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Material Benefits
Our closed cell silicone sponge offers customers a highly compressible and flexible material that is easy to convert or fabricate. It is also bacteria and mildew resistant with good thermal stability. As such, it is often the sponge rubber of choice for high-performance gasket and seal applications where dust and fluids need to be kept in or out. In addition to the qualities above our silicone sponge is also:

    • Food Safe – for food applications that are not in direct contact with food items.
    • 低压缩永久变形——伟大的反弹能力its original thickness, this trait makes it well suited for application under compressive load.
    • Ozone & UV Resistant – very good weathering properties makes it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.
    • Temperature Resistant – excellent material for extreme hot or cold applications.
    • Water & Moisture Resistant – a closed cell structure means low water absorption and can be used in applications where minimal water entry is essential.

Common Applications
Our silicone sponge can be converted or fabricated into many products. These end uses require materials that are quality consistent, dependable and can deliver outstanding performance while meeting critical safety standards in harsh working environments. For silicone sponge sheets from the National Silicone line, end uses can include:

‣ Automotive – seals & vibration damping pads
‣ Construction – gaskets, seals & vibration damping pads
‣ Food & Beverage – gasket & seals
‣ HVAC – gaskets, insulation, seals & vibration damping pads
‣ LED Lighting – gaskets, strips & seals
‣ Mass Transit – insulation & vibration damping pads
‣ Oil & Gas – gaskets, insulation & seals

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